Resources for schools Our education pack for primary schools

To promote awareness and inclusion throughout the community, we offer an education kit for primary school students. The kit is available upon request.

As a comprehensive resource, the education kit consists of print-based information and teachers notes with curriculum mapping to the Curriculum Standards Framework. We also offer visiting school speakers and presentations for students.

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Resources for schools What is included in the pack?

The education kit provides information on:

  • Fostering an understanding and acceptance of people with low vision or blindness
  • Providing guidance on how to interact and communicate with people who have low vision or blindness in a non-discriminatory way – including those people who use a Guide Dog
  • How the eye works, with advice on protection of the eyes
  • Facts in relation to people with low vision or blindness and the most common visual impairments
  • The brain, vision and changes in vision in relation to the brain
  • The work of Guide Dogs Victoria and the services we provide to assist people with low vision or blindness regain independent mobility and improved quality of life

Click Here to request a copy of the pack for your school. The offer is limited to schools within the State of Victoria.

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Resources for schools School speakers

To further enhance your students’ learning experience we can arrange for one of our talented speakers to present in partnership with their Guide Dog.

Our speakers are people with low vision or blindness. Speakers provide an overview of how Guide Dogs Victoria helps others in the community with low vision and share heartwarming stories about their own circumstance in relation to independence and mobility.

Students have the opportunity to ask questions around Guide Dog mobility and the realities of life with low vision or blindness.

To arrange a visiting speaker, please call (03) 9854 4444 or submit a speaker request. Please note, in order to cover our costs we charge $200 + GST for speakers to attend schools.

If your school would like to support Guide Dogs Victoria by taking part in community fundraising, there are resources available in our community fundraising kit.