Publications Our regular newsletters

We offer four fantastic publications that cater to our various audiences.

‘Guide Dog Tales’ is our quarterly publication offering updates on news and events, our current graduating class of Guide Dogs and more.

‘Get About’ is a quarterly newsletter written and curated by our Children’s Mobility Services.

‘On the Move’ is a monthly e-newsletter aimed for people with low vision or blindness who are above the age of 18.

‘Perceptions’ is a regular bulletin offering valuable information for our referrers.

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Publications Get About

Get About is a quarterly newsletter that is developed, written and curated by staff and participants from our Children’s Mobility Services. It features articles from children taking part in our camps and gives staff a voice to provide updates on the latest group programs.

Publications On The Move

On The Move is a monthly e-newsletter aimed for people and 18 years and over who participate in our support services. It features news, events and workshops you can take part in, and helpful tips from our Vets and Orientation & Mobility Specialists.

Publications Perceptions

Perceptions features overviews of case studies and workshops. Aimed at our referrers, you will establish a greater sense of the work we do and how people with acquired brain injury regain their independence through our services.