Better Start funding support Financial assistance for early years

‘Better Start for Children with Disability’ is a funding initiative of the Australian Federal Government.

The program supports children from the age of birth to seven years, who have been diagnosed with a disability and need early intervention services from expert healthcare professionals.

Our Children’s Mobility Service is an approved provider under Better Start.

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Better Start funding support What services are available?

The early years of a child’s life are essential, but particularly so for those with low vision or blindness. It is important that children develop the skills to learn from and understand their environment early on.

By learning strategies and gaining confidence in their abilities, children with low vision or blindness can lay the foundation for ongoing independence through life.

Our non-dog programs can:

  • Teach children to navigate their home and outdoor environment safely, and develop mental mapping processes (Orientation & Mobility).
  • Enable children to participate in everyday activities that involve fine and gross motor processes (Occupational Therapy).
  • Assess and assist with hearing issues in children with deafblindness (Audiology).
  • Support children as they transition into kindergarten and primary school (Educational inclusion support consultancy).
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Better Start funding support How can I register my child?

If your child is currently involved in any Children’s Mobility Services, you can speak to your advisor for more information on Better Start.

New families who would like more information on Better Start support can call 9854 4444 or email

If you are the parent or carer of a child who is eligible for Better Start, you can register for funding by contacting the Carers Victoria Registration and Information Service on 1800 242 636, or through the Better Start website.

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Better Start funding support Frequently Asked Questions