Guide Dog Access Get to know your rights

Most Victorians are generous in providing open access for Guide Dogs. Unfortunately, there may be some instances where people don’t completely appreciate the important role Guide Dogs play for people with low vision. Alternatively, they may not be fully aware of their legal obligations.

It is important to be aware of your rights when travelling with a Guide Dog. It is also worth knowing the obligations of other people in the community.

Increased knowledge will benefit everyone by creating a safe and welcoming environment in shops, restaurants, vehicles, theatres and other public areas.

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Access for Guide Dogs Making a complaint

Taxi access: Guide Dogs are welcome in all Victorian taxis and hire vehicles. If you experience poor taxi or hire vehicle services, contact the Taxi Services Commission on 1800 638 802 or visit to lodge a formal complaint. Your complaint can be taken via phone or in person if you have difficulty completing a form.

General access: If you have been denied access to a public area or transport service and were unable to self-resolve the issue with the proprietor, please contact us on 1800 804 805.

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Access for Guide Dogs Frequently asked questions for people with low vision

Access for Guide Dogs Frequently asked questions for businesses