SupPAWt our heroes of the future!

This Christmas, help us train the Guide Dog heroes that transform so many lives.

A dog with cape.

SupPAWt our heroes of the future!

This Christmas, help us train the Guide Dog heroes that transform so many lives.

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TECHNOLOGY TO SUPPORT YOUR GOALS Using the right technology and devices to make your life easier.

Technology can make life easier for everyone. If you have low vision, or you’ve recently experienced a change in vision, it’s absolutely no different. There are many tools and devices to help you access information, find your way around, connect with friends, or enjoy your favourite activities.

Some of these tools and technologies may be new to you, while others can connect to or enhance devices you already own, like your smartphone. Assistive technologies can be used at home, work, school, or while you’re travelling in the community. As with any technology, it’s all about finding the right device to ensure you’re comfortable and supporting your goals to make things easier.

FIND THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR YOU How can technology assist me?

Whatever your age, level of vision, or independence goals, there are technologies available to make your life easier.

For example, a range of functionalities on computers and phones can assist you to be more efficient in work or school. There’s also a variety of options to assist at home and to ensure you can enjoy your favourite leisure activities.

If you prefer the printed page, there are technologies to use while reading and enjoying books. Easy-to-use accessible phones make calling friends or family quick and simple.

Give us a call to find the right solution for your needs: 1800 804 805.

THERE’S A SOLUTION SUITED TO YOU A wide range of devices to support your different goals.

There are many different tools and technologies you can access and learn to use. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Identification canes: you can use these to let other people in the community know that you have low vision or blindness. This is particularly useful in big crowds, on public transport, or in a busy city setting.
  • Support canes: you can use these for extra balance while you’re walking, and to make sure other people can see you in the dark or during low light.
  • MiniGuides: this hand-held device will detect objects in your path, like poles, trees, or benches. MiniGuides are best used together with a long cane or a Guide Dog.
  • iPhone GPS and smartphone apps: if you have a smartphone, there are many useful features and applications you can access on your phone. We can help you select one that supports you best and provide training to ensure you get the most out of it.
  • Trekker Breeze GPS: this hand-held device speaks the name of streets, intersections, and other important features in your environment. It’s perfect for driving or walking, and—with the touch of a button—it can also tell you about shops or services in your nearby area.
  • Guide Dogs: Guide Dogs are the optimal aid for fast and fluid movement. They can help you travel through complex environments with confidence. Plus, they’re a dedicated companion with a unique personality matched to you and your lifestyle!