Guide Dogs Mobility Services Walk freely and feel confident

A Guide Dog offers a dynamic kind of independence, mobility and companionship. Guide Dogs are assistance dogs, trained to lead people with low vision or blindness safely through the community.

Guide Dog Mobility Services provide skills and techniques to help people establish trust in Guide Dogs, and use them as a valuable aid for independence in their lives.

Guide Dogs ensure that handlers can walk freely and feel confident as they move through the world. Guide Dogs will recognise obstacles and safely guide their handlers around them. They are trained to help people navigate all kinds of environments, from busy city centres to quiet suburban neighborhoods.

Woman at train station with guide dog

Guide Dogs Mobility Services Independence and companionship

Guide Dogs are trained to help you navigate your daily environment. They stop at curbs, recognise potential hazards at human head height, help people locate where to cross the road, and help you move safely through busy crowds..

The length and breadth of the training programs we offer within Guide Dogs Mobility Services are entirely designed to meet your needs. They are not restricted or capped by government or case mix funding.

The working life of a Guide Dog is around eight to ten years on average. A Guide Dog will provide constant support and companionship during this time, so it is vital that a strong relationship is formed between dog and handler.

Guide Dogs are carefully matched with your personal characteristics and specific needs.

Two men chatting at train station - one with a cane, one with a Guide Dog

Guide Dogs Mobility Services More than Mobility

World-first research by Swinburne University and Guide Dogs Victoria has demonstrated 139 benefits of having a Guide Dog. These group into 4 broad categories. As well as Mobility benefits, Guide Dogs provide people with low vision or blindness opportunities and motivation for Participation, Physical & Mental Wellbeing, and Empowerment to try new experiences and challenges. Discover how one client has had new frontiers open up since having his Guide Dog.

Guide Dogs Mobility Services Would a Guide Dog benefit me?

Anyone who has low vision or is blind and is experiencing difficulty moving safely and independently through the community can benefit from a Guide Dog.

You do not have to be totally blind to be eligible for a Guide Dog. In fact, the majority of our Guide Dog handlers have varying degrees of vision.

There is no age limit for people with Guide Dogs. We train:

  • School-aged and university students
  • Parents with young families
  • People who are employed full time, part time, or not in the work force

We also train seniors and people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

We encourage you to consider the physical nature of working with a young dog and how your home can provide a safe and caring environment.

Guide Dogs Mobility Services Support and services information

Our Guide Dogs are supported by our fundraising. If you are eligible, you can use NDIS funding to cover the costs of Guide Dog Mobility.

If you are experiencing difficulty in your daily life as a result of vision loss, you can apply for assistance. We consider every application we receive.

We offer practical information sessions for individuals and groups to help you gain a greater understanding of the role of a guide dog in your life.. The sessions are obligation free and are designed to help you determine whether a Guide Dog is the right aid.

Our Guide Dog Services are available all across regional and metropolitan Victoria.

Training programs are tailored to meet your needs. We can provide training programs in the home, work, in our specialised training centre, or a combination of settings best suited to you.

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Guide Dogs Mobility Services Referrals

You can either suggest yourself for Guide Dog Mobility Services,or be referred by a GP or allied health professional. We welcome all enquiries from health professionals, family members and individuals.

For further information:

Guide Dogs Victoria
Private Bag
13 Chandler Highway, Kew
Victoria 3101

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NAVIGATE FUNDING Could you access this support via NDIS?

Have you checked your eligibility to access this support through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)? Many people include this support as part of their NDIS plan.

If you’re eligible for the NDIS, we can cut through the jargon, assist with your plan—or pre-planning—and get you on the path towards your personal goals. You can request free Support Coordination or find out more about your potential eligibility to access this service through the NDIS now.

If you’re older than 65, funded supports are accessed through the aged care system. You can register with My Aged Care by contacting their help line on 1800 200 422.

Learn more about NDIS Learn more about My Aged Care