Marg is sitting in a park on grass next to her Guide Dog Scottie. She is leaning towards him with her arm on his back. Scottie is looking directly at the camera and smiling

Margaret was born with a small amount of vision in only one eye, and as time passed, Margaret lost her vision completely.

As a young child, Margaret struggled at school as she felt she didn’t have very good cane skills, and as a result, she often felt embarrassed. Living in a country town, Margaret felt quite isolated and that getting through daily life with a cane was quite exhausting. At the age of 9, Margaret was exposed to her sister’s first Guide Dog, and it was here that she knew a Guide Dog would be a perfect fit in her life.

Margaret received her first Guide Dog from Guide Dogs Victoria at age 17, and since then, she has never looked back. A lifetime, and 6 Guide Dogs later, Margaret is now paired with Scottie (pictured) and they are a wonderful team. They have been together for 12 months and Scotty graduated at our Guide Dog graduation ceremony last year.

Margaret said “Scottie is a funny dog, he likes his alone time, and he has excellent targeting and destination skills. Scottie has become my everything.”

For this reason, Margaret has become a member of the Otus Fellowship and has chosen to support Guide Dogs Victoria by leaving a gift in her Will.

You can learn more about becoming an Otus Fellowship member or leaving a Gift in your Will here.