Dads + dogs Super Dads and Super Dogs Deserve a Super Day!

In celebration of Fathers Day earlier this month, we ran a PAWSOME Dads + Dogs competition. Thank you for everyone’s contributions. We were inundated with so many fantastic entries, Jack and his dad found it very difficult to choose a top five!

Congratulations to the all winning entries, you can read their stories below.

Dads + Dogs winning entry Meet Greg + Billy

“Meet Greg (human) and Billy (wanna-be-human). Greg is my dad; my siblings and I stay at his house every second week as our parents are separated. Luckily, dad has Billy to keep him company 24/7! Billy is a 4 year old Kelpie. He is full of energy and we all love him to bits, but even the best of us have flaws. For example, Billy does laps of the house barking loudly whenever someone exits through the front door. I have no doubt that these barks are out of love because Billy is sad to see us leave, but I’m not gonna lie…he can be a nuisance.

Dad loves Billy in spite of his never ending need for attention. The 2 are couple goals. In the picture above, you can see them enjoying a romantic dinner at home! That picture was one of the best texts I’ve ever received.

It puts a huge smile on my face thinking about how much dad and Billy love each other.

They are inseparable. Dad even picks him up (despite his medium build) and cuddles him like a baby. Sometimes he throws him over his shoulder like a jacket. Billy is the only one dad takes selfies with.

Billy would be so happy to know that he’s the reason dad gets a double pass to the Grand Prix!”

Dads + Dogs winning entry Meet Isaac + Duke

“The story of how Duke came to live with us isn’t a happy one, but the ending definitely is!

Duke was picked up by Council rangers with matting on his body that was so heavy and twisted it had made him bald all around his tail and up his back. His front teeth were worn down to the gum line, he has an eye injury and he was as skinny as he was stinky.

When Mumma saw him advertised on the local Council website she was in love but Dadda wasn’t so sure! Mumma talked Dadda into letting him come home for a wash, clip and to see how he behaved. After the groomer had finished, Duke ran to where Dadda was sitting on the lawn and landed on him for a cuddle. Dadda said “Well he’s not going anywhere, is he?”

Duke has the most beautiful nature, he is Isaac’s best friend, carries around a teddy, makes us laugh and still loves to cuddle Dadda!

Mumma and Dadda have many questions about Duke’s past that we will never know the answers to, but what we do know is how incredibly thankful we are that he is now ours.”

Dads + Dogs winning entry Meet Dad + Jasper

“My dad got our dog about 3 years ago to help with his depression and I can’t imagine how life would be without Jasper. German short haired pointers are a very human like dog and Jasper definitely fits that to a T. He does everything with my dad and becomes an absolute baby if my dad is away. They go for a walk or run twice a day at the beach and Jasper comes into the bush to hunt every now and then too.

Such a family friendly dog, he absolutely loves kids and my dad loves talking to people! Match made in heaven.

As you can see in the photo they are attached at the hip, it’s so cute, my dad might sit down and jasper always has to have a paw on him or something. It is truly heartwarming!!

Dads + Dogs winning entry Meet Thatcher + Scout

It was love at first sight for these two. Together everyday … from the day Scouty came home with us, she and Thatcher were inseparable. Playing, cuddling, training, even sleeping. Two peas in a pod.

Thatch is a carpenter, so Scout spent her puppy days on site with him … “chippy dog” she was called.

The love I see between these two is indescribable.

I love her too, but there’s something so true about the saying “mans best friend”.

As Scouty gets older, I see their bond grow and grow. Every morning when we get up and go downstairs and see her waiting patiently, tail wagging like mad! It’s the best! And then the same, loving reaction when we get home from work each day.

If these two have spent even an afternoon apart, I still don’t know who’s more excited to see the other – Thatch, or Scout. It’s true love.

Dads + Dogs winning entry Meet Steve + Starky

Introducing Steve & Starky!

Best mates for 10years.

Hand picked from the litter for his ambition to not leave the food bowl and follow the litter to greet us when we arrived to pick a pup.

Starky is dads prized possession (insert The Castle reference) Always by his side, his bed or in the car having his own ramp now that his legs are getting older.

Not to mention dads receptionist, greeting his clients at the door with a wagging tail and magazine in his mouth.

As Starky gets older I can see dads worry of losing his furry friend but he certainly goes above and beyond to keep Starky comfortable and agile as his hair grows grayer and his legs walk a little slower. Best mates til the end!