A CHRISTMAS GIFT THAT LASTS THE WHOLE YEAR The gift that keeps on giving, cuddling, growing, and graduating!

When you give someone a Puppy Pal membership this Christmas, you give an incredible gift. You give your loved one a membership, but you also give our puppies the best possible chance at becoming fully graduated Guide Dogs.

Puppy Pal memberships support our puppies to learn new techniques in training. Eventually, puppies graduate to become life-changing partners for people with low vision or blindness.

Beyond the feel-good factor of helping puppies learn important skills, Puppy Pal members get all kinds of exclusive offers and opportunities too!

Puppy Pals can:

  • Get the opportunity to suggest names for our pups.
  • Attend exclusive ‘Meet the Pups’ events.
  • Receive regular updates on puppies as they move through training.
  • Enjoy puppy cuddles to your heart’s content!

Make someone a Puppy Pal for Christmas!

MAKE THE MEMBERSHIP OFFICIAL Plus, you get a unique Puppy Pals membership certificate!

Personalise your print-at-home certificate, so you can make the membership official on Christmas day!

PUPPY PALS Why your support is essential

Christmas comes just once a year, but we start preparing new puppies for training every single month, from January to December. To keep doing that, we need your ongoing support.

We rely heavily on the generosity of our incredible supporters for our Guide Dogs training program, so your regular and ongoing support is essential in helping our puppies change lives. Every Puppy Pals contribution counts.

From as little as $1 a day, you give our adorable puppies the best possible chance to go through the program and graduate as fully-fledged, highly skilled Guide Dogs.

Once the pups graduate, they are paired with a person with low vision or blindness in a life-changing partnership.


Every contribution from our pawposeful gift cards supports Guide Dog puppies and people with low vision or blindness.

Choose from four different options: every card comes with a custom print-at-home certificate to showcase the difference your gift has created, and where your contribution will be felt most.

Choose your Guide Dogs gift card now