Meet the puppies

The sassy S litter (Stanley, Storm and Sadie) need your support to have the best possible chance of becoming life-changing Guide Dogs and assist people with low vision or blindness. It takes over 2 years to raise and train pups into Guide Dogs – a journey only made possible by the support by people like you. Which puppy will you follow on its journey to becoming a Guide Dog?

Stage 1


Date of birth: 16 February 2020
Gender: Male
Color: Blonde
Mother: Chinta
Father: Lindsey

Stanley is a cheeky pup who loves playing with his sisters!


Stage 2


Date of birth: 16 February 2020
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Mother: Chinta
Father: Lindsey

Storm is a curious girl, she loves exploring the big wide world!

Stage 3


Date of birth: 16 February 2020
Gender: Female
Color: Blonde
Mother: Chinta
Father: Lindsey

Sadie is such an adorable girl – she loves lots of cuddles!


Support these pups in their journey by becoming a Puppy Pal!

Give and you shall receive! What you get as a Puppy Pal

By becoming a Puppy Pal, you will give puppies the best possible start on their journey to becoming Guide Dogs. That’s pretty incredible on its own, but you also get all kinds of exclusive offers and opportunities too! As a Puppy Pal, you get to:

  • Suggest names for a dedicated litter of pups.
  • Attend exclusive ‘Meet the Pups’ events.
  • Enjoy puppy cuddles to your heart’s content!
lady with pup

How you help Give a gift that keeps on giving, growing, playing, learning, loving, cuddling, and eventually graduating!

Pleased to meet you, pups!

As a Puppy Pal, your contribution creates value immediately—puppy training starts just after birth in the nursery. You get to see the very first glimpses of the puppies you sponsor. You have the chance to name the puppies, and attend an exclusive ‘Meet the Pups’ event where you can play and cuddle to your heart’s content.

Support for lots of learning.

At around age 1, puppies start learning the sights, sounds, and smells they’ll encounter when they grow up as Guide Dogs. During two years of training, puppies rely on your generous support for vet care, vaccinations, food, toys, and ongoing learning. You’ll get regular updates on how your litter is progressing.

All grown up and graduated—thanks to you!

If puppies do well in early training, they graduate to the next stage: working one-on-one with an instructor and wearing a special Guide Dog harness. Harnesses are purchased with your contributions as a Puppy Pal. At the end of training, our Guide Dogs will be paired to someone with low vision in a life-changing partnership.

Guide Dog puppies