Flicks with the Chicks

It takes a village to raise a dog…you can make a difference for just $20 a month join the Flicks with the Chicks Puppy Love Club.

Your support will change lives.

Guide Dogs Victoria is Australia’s largest and most successful breeder and trainer of Guide Dogs, and we provide more than 70% of our Guide Dogs to Victorians with low vision or blindness. It costs Guide Dogs Victoria $50,000 to breed, raise, train and match each Guide Dog to the high standards required for the important and life changing work they do.


Blonde Guide Dog looking back

Why we need your help.

By making a regular gift to the exclusive Flicks with the Chicks Puppy Love Club you can help another puppy from our adorable ‘S’ litter become a highly skilled Guide Dog for Victorians with low vision or blindness. Village Cinemas have already sponsored Scottie, can you help Sonya or Sylvie become a Guide Dog too?

You will receive regular updates; sharing their joys and triumphs and puppy mishaps as they grow and mature on their journey towards training for their eventual careers. You will also be helping another person with low vision or blindness and their family to gain confidence and independence through the trusted four paws of a Guide Dog.

Three small pictures of puppies Scottie, Sylvie and Sonya

We need your support.

The Guide Dog program is not Government funded which is why public support is so important. Our training never stops. Month in and month out, we’re preparing new puppies to embark on a journey towards becoming Guide Dogs and, to do that, we need your ongoing support.

Join now and help fund the essential raising and training that will help these puppies change lives.