Here at Guide Dogs Victoria, we give independence and confidence to people living with low vision or blindness.

But what you may not know is that our Dog partnerships have also changed the lives of many other Victorians and their families.


Isabel and her late husband Bill have supported Guide Dogs Victoria for many years – as founding members of our Otus Fellowship (Gift in Wills program), and also as supporters of our Puppy Pal regular giving program.  Bill was also a client of Guide Dogs Victoria.  When Bill’s health started to deteriorate in recent months, he moved into a Nursing Care facility. Isabel visited Bill on a daily basis, and Bill’s face always lit up when dogs were mentioned – remembering many things from his past life as a Guide Dog handler, having had six Guide Dogs throughout his life.  In a Guide Dogs Victoria first, Bill and Isabel were introduced to Galen – as therapy for Bill and a companion for Isabel given she was now living on her own.  Isabel always took Galen on her daily visits to see Bill.  With Bill’s recent passing, Galen is providing Isabel with much-needed comfort and companionship – helping her get through each day and giving her many beautiful memories of Bill.

Bill is sitting in an arm chair with his black therapy dog, Galen at his feet.


Robyn, the Principal at St Bridget’s Primary School is an avid supporter of Guide Dogs Victoria through our Puppy Raising program.  Robyn’s pup Angelique accompanied her to school every day, and often spent time with the students.  Very quickly, Robyn saw the impact that Angelique was having on the students, especially those lacking in confidence or those needing additional support.  Seeing this positive impact, Robyn requested to adopt Angelique in the event she wasn’t successful in her final Guide Dog assessment.  Following assessment, Angelique was reclassified and is now looking to have a more permanent role within the school community, supporting students who require additional support and making a big difference to their day.

Children from St Bridgets are sitting outside with their yellow dog Annabelle

Our support extends beyond helping those living with low vision or blindness.  Please support us this Christmas so that dogs like Galen and Angelique can continue to give many Victorian families the independence and confidence that a dog partnership brings.   

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