You can help harness my Superpowers

It has taken an army of therapists to get Dorothy to where she is today. But it’s her Guide Dog, Anya, who has given her wings.

Dorothy lost her vision suddenly at age 49. She went to bed one night with a severe headache, not realising she had a dangerous condition that caused inflammation in her brain.

She spent months in hospital and was left with an acquired brain injury that affected her whole body. Walking, talking – and of course, getting around without vision – all had to be
learned from scratch.

Now in her 60s, Dorothy says, “I was so lucky to meet Guide Dogs Victoria early in my rehabilitation. I didn’t get a Guide Dog straight away and had to start with a cane.

“I hated the cane,” she says emphatically. “I found it very antisocial and isolating. And I wasn’t confident to bridge the ‘space’ with the cane. Like getting on a train, I could feel the space between me and the train, but I couldn’t bring myself to step over the space and onto the train.”

It was a very challenging period for Dorothy. She says there were many tears in the early days. “But I realized I should be grateful to be alive. So I decided that rather than being bitter, I would get better.”

Dorothy says Anya has super powers. “It is only with Anya that I’ve been able to ride a train,” says Dorothy.

“And she knows her way around the shopping centre. She heads to the best coffee shops and she knows where all the lifts are. She even recognises my favourite stores when we’re interstate!

“Anya has enabled me to get on with life. She has my life in her paws.
I’m so grateful to the good people in our community who make the training of Guide Dogs possible.”

It takes two years and more than $50,000 to fully train each of our puppies. Anya is Dorothy’s second Guide Dog. And she will possibly need another three in her lifetime.

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