Community Fundraising Make a positive difference for Guide Dogs Victoria

Do you want to make a difference? Would you like to help us train a Guide Dog or run a children’s camp? By getting involved in our Community Fundraising initiatives, you can do exactly that.

Fundraising is a fun and rewarding way for schools, clubs, social clubs and people from the community to provide us with support.

With minimal Government funding, the vast majority of our services rely on your generosity. Your contribution plays a vital role in the nurturing, raising and training of Guide Dogs, to help Victorians with low vision explore the community and live out their personal potential.

Organising a fundraising event

Our community fundraising kit is designed to help you organise your own fundraising event. It contains everything you need to get started, including guidelines, activity suggestions, and information about your responsibilities as a fundraiser.

School events

We regularly visit schools as part of community fundraising initiatives. A Guide Dog and their handler will visit your school grounds to meet students, educate them on Guide Dog etiquette and answer any questions relating to the life of a Guide Dog or a person with low vision.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange a convenient visiting time, we’d love to be a part of your event.

If at any time you have any additional questions or need further information for your event:

Attend an event

Check out our Events page to get involved in one of our fun and exciting Community Fundraising events.

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