Help me change lives this tax time

Help our puppies become qualified Guide Dogs through our Early Puppy Development Program.

Help me change lives this tax time

Help me change lives this tax time

Help our puppies become qualified Guide Dogs through our Early Puppy Development Program.

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Sarah and Rayner Puppy Raiser profile

Sarah is a young professional and is currently raising puppy Rayner. We asked her a few questions about her experience so far.

Sarah and Rayner What do you like about being a Puppy Raiser?

There is so much I love about being a Puppy Raiser. Firstly, you get to see firsthand all your hard work as your puppy grows, develops and learns new things. You get to see how much potential your puppy has and how smart they are. I get to reap all the benefits of having a dog and I get the satisfaction of knowing that my puppy will one day help others.

Sarah and Rayner Why did you become a Puppy Raiser?

In the beginning I did it for selfish reasons! I live in a one bedroom apartment and wanted a dog but didn’t think it was fair to leave a dog at home all the time. I saw Puppy Raising as an opportunity to have a dog. I work for ANZ and thought I would ask the question about bringing a dog to work. They were 100% supportive. This meant that the dog could come to work with me and it wouldn’t be stuck at home all the time. That’s when I got my first dog Harper.

On the day I handed Harper back I meet two amazing ladies who had Guide Dogs. Hearing their stories made me realise that whilst I did this for a selfish reason, there was a bigger picture. This is one of the reasons why I decided to get my second puppy Rayner.

Sarah and Rayner Has having your puppy made a difference in your life? How?

I am so much more active now, especially on the weekends. Previously I had no problems with lazing around the house all day, but there is no way Rayner would let me stay in bed all day. We get out every weekend whether it be to the park, a café or even the shopping centre so we can get in as much practice and play time as possible.

Sarah and Rayner What’s it like taking your puppy to work?

Amazing, everyone loves having a dog in the workplace. Rayner settled into office life pretty quickly so I didn’t have any issues and he quickly become part of the family.

Rayner has a bed next to my desk and he isn’t disruptive at all. If he needs something, such as going to the toilet, he will let me know. People love giving him a cuddle and playing with him. He gets more visitors than I do! It means that he gets to interact with other people and doesn’t get used to just being around me.

The downside of taking your dog to work is that people will always say hello to Rayner first!!

Sarah and Rayner How does puppy raising fit into your life?

Puppy Raising has fit into my life very easily. I am responsible for Rayner’s training and development and need to ensure that I have the time to train him. At first I thought it might be limiting on what I could do, however, it has not been at all. As I work full-time, I incorporate his weekday training into my schedule, for example if he needs to get exposure to a busier environment we go out to dinner after work and walk to the restaurant.

My friends are 100% supportive and always take Rayner into consideration. They even sit in the backseat of the car so Rayner can have the front!

Sarah and Rayner Do you have any advice for people interested in becoming a Puppy Raiser?

Do it!! You don’t need to be home all day, you just need to be willing to invest time into your pup. If you are organised, you can make it work. I work full-time but Rayner and I make it work.

Sarah and Rayner What do you say to someone who is worried about giving their puppy back?

Just remember, the person that they go to will love them and appreciate them just as much as you! They are going on to do an amazing things and provide support to someone who needs them more than you. Plus, you can get a new puppy to love and cuddle.