Josh is a vibrant and bright four-year-old, and he has very low vision. Josh and his family wish to improve and support his freedom of movement both at home, and during his visits to daycare.

“We are keen to assist Josh to be the best he can be, and develop independence in everyday activities.” says Mel, Josh’s mum.

Marnie is Josh’s Children’s Mobility Specialist from GDV, and she has worked with Josh and his family since he was two years old. Prior to his mobility therapy, Josh was not yet able to walk. He experiences developmental delays in many areas of his life, but has made huge gains in his day-to-day skills with his Occupational Therapist, Leah.

“Marnie helps us to set goals, and achieve steps towards his independence.” says Mel.

Smiling boy standing on a wooden playground

Through their work with Josh, Marnie and Leah have motivated him to move through space with freedom. His dedication alongside the support from GDV and his family have allowed him to grow his confidence with everyday activities.

Josh has made fantastic progress as a result of his time with Marnie and Leah. He now attends daycare and walks independently around the centre by himself, and with other children.

Marnie works alongside the child care centre to make Josh’s time there even more enjoyable generating a deeper understanding of how they can contribute to Josh’s independence in the different environment.

Happy boy on a swing