Our values and behaviours The guiding principles of Guide Dogs Victoria

Every person in our organisation shares a set of common values. These guiding principles inform the way we behave and interact, both with each other and the community.

Our values set the standard for our services, employees and volunteers. They are integral to our ongoing success and form the basis of our positive reputation.

Two men chatting at train station - one with a cane, one with a Guide Dog

Our values and behaviours Our Purpose

We see beyond sight loss.

We find ways to support independence.

We look for solutions to make big differences.

We create connected communities.

An occupational therapist staff member is standing with a client in front of a table covered in beauty items.


Our Clients come first in everything we do.

We believe everyone should have access to the support and tools required to live a free and independent life. At Guide Dogs, we help Clients live their lives, their way.
We understand that no two Clients are the same, so the journey and level of support for each Client and family is different – and that’s something we can be proud of.

We demonstrate our commitment to our clients by:

  • Going above and beyond
  • Listening and acting
  • Working side-by-side

Lead with head and heart.

Forever focused on our purpose and mission, we combine care and careful planning to deliver successes worth celebrating.

To demonstrate our commitment to living this value, we will:

  • Engage with passion and commitment to the purpose
  • Adapt our approach in response to new priorities
  • Gather information and data to make informed decisions
  • Celebrate others’ successes and achievements

Never stop exploring.

We’re fearlessly creative. We’ve always asked and answered the tough questions and if there’s a better way, we’ll find it.

To demonstrate our commitment to living this value, we will:

  • Respectfully question and challenge current practice
  • Reflect on our actions and on lessons learnt
  • Be curious and seek to understand the problem and offer a solution
  • Explore creative alternatives and opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Adopt new ways of doing things

Walk the talk.

The buck stops with us. So we keep our word and keep going, no matter what.

To demonstrate our commitment to this value, we will:

  • Be accountable and empowered to take ownership of outcomes
  • Be proactive, resilient and persevere when things are difficult
  • Communicate respectfully, openly and honestly
  • Take action and deliver on our commitments

Lift each other.

From a guiding hand to a high five, we unleash and acknowledge everyone’s potential.

To demonstrate our commitment to living this value, we will:

  • Partner with Client and stakeholders as equals
  • Be collaborative and develop relationships with other teams
  • Consider the perspective of Clients, donors, volunteers and staff in all decisions
  • Partner with others to create better Client outcomes